• Project: Aviary Reconstruction and Relocation
  • Friends Contribution: $44,000 (total project est. $106,000)
  • Completed: April 2011

The Aviary enclosure, across from the current wolf exhibit, was one of the oldest exhibits in the zoo. This remodel was essential to improve the lives of the zoo birds including the Ravens: Sam, Canyon, and Diego and the Red Tail Hawks: Redford and Sedona. This project was meant to address a multitude of issues, such as: the original roof was very loud (since it was metal and flat and peafowl would land on it regularly) which stressed the zoo birds. The new roof was constructed at an angle that discourages peafowl. The old exhibit had poor drainage and no sun protection. Staff had tried to implement various solutions, but none were ideal or permanent. In the summer afternoons this exhibit is one of the hottest places in the zoo. The new exhibit mitigates this problem, and also provide privacy for the birds who previously didn’t have a way to remove themselves from visitors should they choose.

Lastly, this project was created to improve the habitat while at the same time move the enclosure to improve the accessibility of the area. The remodel of this exhibit addresses an integral part of the zoo's ADA plan.

After many months of planning and approvals groundbreaking took place in mid-November 2010. Rain delays slowed construction through the winter, but the project reached competion in late April 2011.  This project was funded in part through the generosity of the Bosack Kruger Foundation.