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annie-donkyDog Family – Canidae

Canine species can be found on every continent, except Antarctica. They have adapted to all types of environments from dry deserts, frigid arctic regions, rainforests, grasslands, and mountainous habitats. Their social behavior has also led to their living with humans. Domestication of dogs has been going on for thousands of years, creating a wide variety of sizes, colors, temperaments and abilities in these wonderful companions.



DOB: Spring 2003
FCZS: 4/03
Sex: Female
Weight: 25 lbs.

Coyotes are one type of wildlife that adapt easily to many different habitats and living situations. They are known to be clever and intelligent survivors in a world where habitat loss has negatively impacted many species. Iris is an example of this, having been separated from her family while just a pup. Making the best of a bad situation, Iris was discovered curled up in a doghouse with the family’s dog near Reno, Nevada.



DOB: Spring 2007
FCZS: 2011 
Sex: Female
Weight: 25 lbs.

Born in the spring of 2007 Maggie ended up as an orphaned pup at the Fund for Animals in Southern California. Because she had no fear of humans, she was not a candidate for release.





IsabellaDOB: 3/23/01
FCZS: 5/4/01
Sex: Female
Weight: 11 lbs.

Isabella is easy to identify with the darkest coloration of any of the group. She is also easy for keepers to identify as she is the most difficult to “lock up”. Locking up is when the foxes go to individual areas where they are fed. This routine not only assures each animal a fair share of food, but also makes it easier to observe any health issues. Often an animal must be brought in for medical evaluation and having a normal routine of confinement makes it much less stressful.


mojoDOB: 2011
FCZS: 2011
Sex: Male
Weight: 13 lbs.

Rescued red fox Mojo came to the Zoo Sanctuary in 2011 when he was less than a year old. Clever foxes adapt well to changes in their environment, and studies have shown city-dwelling foxes can grow larger than their rural counterparts because of available “free food” and relatively few predators.




mindyDOB: 2011
FCZS: 2011
Sex: Female
Weight: 10.3 lbs.

Red foxes, unlike other mammals, hear low-frequency sounds. They can locate small animals digging underground and will dig in dirt or snow to catch prey. Except for breeding females, foxes usually don’t use dens, but will sleep in the open, tucking their noses under bushy tails to stay warm. Rescued female Mindy moved to the Zoo Sanctuary in 2011




DOB: 7/2/07
FCZS: 11/13/07
Sex: Female
Weight: 68 lbs.

Annie came to FCZS after a leg injury prevented her sale. She is distinguished by her shorter coat and slightly darker, cream color (compared to the other guard dogs). There is no denying her puppy enthusiasm as she can often be seen racing around the pasture—sometimes chasing other pasture residents. She has especially taken to draft horse Gus, who can be seen grooming her head as she blissfully sits enjoying the attention. The only ones who are not thrilled with Annie are the free-range chickens and peafowl. Several have not survived her “attention”. She is receiving lessons in guard dog etiquette and seems to be a quick study




DOB: 5/10/04
FCZS: 12/04
Sex: Female
Weight: 107 lbs.

Due to health conditions, Cheyenne now lives at home with one of the Zoo staff. Everyone is happy to see her when she makes occasional appearances at special Zoo events.






DOB: 2008
FCZS: 2010
Sex: Male 
Weight: ?? lbs.

White Livestock Guard dog Marcus lost part of an ear in his travels to the rescue organization that brought him to his "forever home" at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary in 2010 as a puppy. For thousands of years in Turkey his Akbash ancestors guarded flocks of sheep and goats. The breed came to the United States in the 1970's.



kyasmileDOB: unknown
FCZS: 12/09
Sex: Female
Weight: unknown

Kya was slated to be euthanized at a shelter when she came to the attention of the Zoo. Once it was determined that she and Lincoln enjoyed each other’s company, she became his new roommate. Her physical appearance indicates that she is part wolf and part Malamute or Husky.

  • Terry Jenkins, former Zoo Supervisor, and renowned Wolf-Hybrid expert publish an informative booklet to promote responsible behavior toward these creatures. Read her work




DOB: January 2001
FCZS: 6/22/01
Sex: Male
Weight: 97 lbs.

Looking very much like a German shepherd, Lincoln is really a dog and wolf hybrid. As with many of these animals his wild side, with its inherent destructive and aggressive behaviors, became more evident with age. These differences finally resulted in his being given up to the SPCA in Roseville. Luckily, Lincoln found his way to the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary where he will be able live happily with all his unique qualities.

  • Terry Jenkins, former Zoo Supervisor, and renowned Wolf-Hybrid expert publish an informative booklet to promote responsible behavior toward these creatures. Read her work Read her work




DOB: 5/1/04
FCZS: 6/7/04
Sex: Male
Weight: 92 lbs.

Being adopted into a wolf pack at FCZS was easy for Yucca and fellow pup Joshua. After careful introductions to the other wolves these two pups started getting the attention and care wolf puppies would get in their own biological families. While some members of the pack hunt, pups are watched over by older relatives. When returning, partially digested food is regurgitated to provide meals for the hungry little ones.