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DOB: January 2003
FCZS: 2/6/04
Sex: Female
Weight: 294 lbs.

Pouncer is thought to be a mix of the smallest tiger, Sumatran (Panthera tigris sumatrae), and the largest, Siberian (Panthera tigris tigris). As a young cub she was found tied to a 4-foot tether, starving and diseased. Rescued from this abusive situation, she was brought back to health by The Fund for Animals and arrived in Folsom in February 2004. It took no time at all for Pouncer and fellow feline, Misty, to enthusiastically make the Zoo Sanctuary home. Despite the winter cold, both tigers quickly found the pools in their exhibit and enjoyed splashing and exploring. A recent expansion, funded by donations to the Friends of the Folsom Zoo, gave these large cats even more room.