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Gizmo_1DOB: unknown
FCZS: 2007
Sex: Male
Weight: 6.2 lbs.

Skunk Gizmo lived in the Miners Shack. This replica of a California foothill Gold Rush mining camp is the result of many people's imagination and efforts. Each are native nocturnal animals common around mining camps.

Neighbors in the Loomis area were concerned when they saw a Striped Skunk out in daylight hours and walking unsteadily because this is a sign of rabies. Fortunately, a skunk rehabilitation specialist who realized that Gizmo was blind spotted him. The rehabber netted him and took him to a veterinarian where he was checked out and de-scented. He came to the zoo sanctuary in 2007. (Yes, when netted, Gizmo sprayed the rehabber.) The only animal that consistently preys on skunks is the great horned owl. They’re both out after dark and great horned owls have a very poor sense of smell. The other main predators are bobcats and man.Gizmo passed in November of 2013