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bear fisherDOB: Winter, 1992
FCZS: 12/6/95
Sex: Male
Weight: 612 lbs.

As a youngster Fisher was being taught by his mother to “fish” at a fish cleaning station near Bridgeport, California. After his mother was destroyed, Fisher was captured and ended up here in Folsom. Fisher helped the National Park Service and other companies by testing containers that could securely hold food and/or garbage so that bears are not tempted to enter areas where people frequent.

Sadly, after a physical examination had determined that his quality of life was severely compromised, FCZS Staff and attending Veterinarians determined that further treatment was not an option. Fisher was gently euthanatized in late April, 2010.

Black Bear Fisher for many years was a "Star Resident" of the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary and will be dearly missed by all who worked with and knew him.

Notes from the public on Fisher's passing:

I will miss him greatly! I adopted him when I was five and have loved him ever since. I love the picture he painted for me!! We all miss him!!!!!! - Victoria Boone

My best Fisher moments were the look of admiration he had for his very special keepers and his dash for the opportunity to eat …. and o’those moments when the Zoo hosted an o’nite on the bear deck. Big o’ Fisher would cuddle down in his cool hole in the dirt, head to head with the children … only the window glass separating them for the night, … Fisher, just a big old “Teddy Bear” .. and doesn’t everyone love a “Teddy Bear” … - ZooPal Lloyd

Fisher Bear, you brought me to the zoo and you kept me with your gentle way. Thank you Fisher for sharing years with us and bringing such joy to so many. May you run carefree in the forests of Bear Heaven! Always in my heart - Lannie Koch

Sweet Fisher, I was just getting to know you - and now you're gone - such sad news. There must be a Rainbow Bridge for Black Bears, as there is for our beloved dogs? I'll miss you greatly, sweet wooly muzz! - Ina

I haven’t been by to visit and I wish I could. Will miss you forever big bear. - Renae Smith

Fisher was a favorite for many, and he will be missed dearly. He is in Bear Heaven, where he can be at peace. He will be missed. - Emily Friend

I'm so saddened by the news that you have passed. I loved visiting you every month and saying hi. I had fun watching you eat your treats last Thanksgiving. I love you and I'll miss you terribly. It won't be the same there without you. - Love, Alison

We will miss you... - Patty & Belle

You were a giant among bears. Well, you were a giant among everything. I enjoyed watching you every time I visited; the Folsom Zoo will not be the same without you. And what will the National Park Service do without your brute strength to test bear boxes on? You will be missed my large, furry, ursine friend. - Love, Joe

Fisher always seemed so friendly. Even with the other bears were getting rowdy he always was so patient. I have lots of pictures and videos of him just doing what he does best... being a bear. I love you, Fisher. Rest in peace!

Folsom Zoo was the first zoo I took my young boys to. And the bears were among their favorite to see. Fisher was the cutest. I am so saddened to hear that he passed away. **BEAR HUGS** to you...wherever you are.