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DOB: 4/9/98
FCZS: 6/7/98
Sex: Male
Weight: 95 lbs.

Often mistaken for polar bears, Harrison and fellow guard dog Cheyenne are really in charge of security at Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. As a pup, Harrison was quite a handful. He tended to chase rather than protect livestock, especially chickens. The one thing he was highly protective of was his food (still is). Older, and wiser, Chelsea ( Chelsea passed away in 2004) somehow managed to impart her knowledge onto this active youngster and now Harrison is the dependable guard for which his breed of dog is known.

Within the pasture community Harrison has taken an affectionate interest in Jane, one of the black-tailed deer. On the other hand he usually growls at Charlotte the pig. Although Harrison is friendly with people he knows, he takes his job very seriously, and aggressively protects his domain.Harrison died quietly of cancer in December of 2009