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DOB: 2000
FCZS: 8/13/01
Sex: Male
Weight: 103 lbs.

Ventura weighed only five pounds when he was found, separated from his mother, in Ventura County. He had several homes before coming to Folsom in 2001. Whenever working near the enclosure, zookeepers will always find Ventura nearby–definitely a “curious” cat.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Ventura was unwell and continued to get worse after initial treatment of fluids and antibiotics for fever and dehydration. Throughout his life he had medical challenges and was able to pull through all of them. His condition this time was much worse and treatment options were limited. He was gently euthanized on October 20.

Over the years, Ventura became a wise mentor for youngsters Rio, Flash and newbie Cedar. The lucky humans who knew him were enlightened by his benevolence and kind heart. Visitors, staff and volunteers are saddened by his passing.