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chaosDOB: 1995 or 1996
FCZS: 10/11/96
Sex: Male
Weight: 4.3 lbs.

Though ringtails live in this region of California, most zoo sanctuary visitors have never seen one in the wild. Even within his miner’s shack home, viewers often need help finding Chaos, who is usually tucked away on one of the high shelves. (Chaos came to FCZS through the Department of Fish and Game, confiscated as an illegal pet.)

Chaos has adapted well to numerous roommates in his years at the zoo.In the wild, ringtails live solitary lives, except during mating season.Chaos, however, seems to enjoy the company of current roommate Emma.He has also shared space with a skunk and several opossums.

In 2006 keepers noticed a bulging and hazing of his left eye. Further testing found age related corneal edema and the eye was removed. His right eye has recently been showing similar symptoms but treatment seems to be helping.