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wallaceDOB: 4/19/05
FCZS: 10/12/06
Sex: Male
Weight: 7.48 lbs.

Wallace can be identified by his unique “hairdo” that comes to a peak at the top of his head. Like his roommate Darwin, he too came to FCZS from a research facility. In his previous home he had spent time with many other monkeys, so moving in with Darwin was rather normal for him. When Wallace first arrived at the Zoo Sanctuary he was completely fascinated by dirt. Apparently he had never seen it before in his laboratory home. He also had not learned techniques for swinging on ropes, climbing rock walls or splashing in a pool. With Darwin’s demonstrations, Wallace was in no time doing all of the above. Both monkeys spend hours each day tumbling, racing, climbing, splashing and creating general mayhem in their new home in Folsom.