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solomonDOB: 1996
Sex: Male
Weight: 761 grams

While Solomon looks like a handsome dragon, he is a Prehensile-tailed Skink (aka: Solomon Island Skink, Monkey-tailed Skink.) The members of his family are the largest known arboreal skinks. They are also one of a few species of reptiles to live in a social group, or circulus. Both males and females are hostile to skinks that are not part of their family group. All are herbivores. Logging of the Solomon Islands forests is a serious threat to the survival of the species. They are also captured for the pet trade and show up as market meat. Those who have worked with Solomon know that he is mild mannered, and that his tail is truly prehensile. If you manage to detach his claws from a limb the tail will still be holding tight.