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snakeDOB: Unknown
FCZS: 1995
Sex: Female
Weight: 1511 grams

Former pet Colombian rainbow boa constrictor, Cleo, was donated to the Zoo Sanctuary in 1995. The “rainbow” is an iridescent sheen from microscopic ridges on her scales, which act like prisms to refract light into a rainbow effect. Cleo is thought to be an albino as her colors are muted. Rainbow boas are primarily nocturnal and partly arboreal. The average length of females is 5 feet, whereas males are shorter. They tend to max out at 7 feet. Their native homes are in forests and woodlands of Costa Rica through central South America. These snakes are not widespread throughout their range because habitat destruction and human encroachment threaten wild populations. While Rainbow Boas are widely available in pet shops, experts suggest that they don't make good pets for beginners, since they can be “nippy” and require specific temperatures and thoughtful care to survive. Special Note: In the past, Cleo has been known to wander. Some years ago, she disappeared in the upstairs area of the old Zoo office building. After a lengthy search, she was finally found curled up in a formerly empty coffee can that had been used for storage. Another time she was found lying inside the paper tray of the warm office printer, having entered through a small port on the side. After she was found the staff noticed that there was a faint snake imprint on the copy paper.