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LucyDOB: Unknown
FCZS: 1995
Sex: Male
Weight: 2214 grams

Snake Lucy is a (royal) ball python. He is also a male (read note below.) His wild family lives in Africa. Ball pythons are non-venomous. Females are larger than males and may reach 3+ feet in length. When stressed, these snakes will curl into a tight ball with the head tucked in the middle, hence the name. Color patterns are black/brown with light colored undersides, which camouflage the snake in shadowed light. Ball pythons live in savannahs and grasslands and hang out in burrows dug by other animals. Females lie up in burrows to keep an eye on the 3 to 11 leathery eggs that are incubated underground for up to sixty days. Captive Ball Pythons can live forty years if well maintained. Lucy was found in a backyard, starving and dehydrated. He was quite possibly an escaped pet. He was donated to the Zoo Sanctuary in 1995. Cleverly named after TV star, Lucille Ball, we later discovered that Lucy really is a male. (Our veterinarian checked for us. Snake sex is best determined via a manual exam, usually by inserting a probe into the cloaca, where, if the snake is male, the hemipenes will be found.)