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Kevin - Flemish Giant Rabbit

DOB: Unknown
FCZS: 2011
Sex: Male
Weight: 7 lbs.

Rabbit Kevin and a companion had apparently been “turned loose” in an area of office buildings. A Zoo Docent discovered Kevin and was providing food and later rescued him. (His companion had been purposely killed.) He needed immediate care: a lower tooth had overgrown through his nostril and the upper tooth had curved up like the letter J. His teeth must be filed every three months. Given his size it is not likely that Kevin is truly a Flemish Giant, although some of his relatives may have been

Unfortunately, along with some confiscations due to abuse, there are also over 50,000 rabbits voluntarily given up to shelters each year. Far too often people buy rabbits as pets when they are cute little bundles of fur, only to abandon them as they grow.