Through your generous donations projects like these are made possible! Thank you!


redbud & granite

The Friends of the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is raising funds to continue with Phases 3 and 4 of the Wild Canine Complex. This new area will house the wolf pack in a much larger, natural environment. Due to pack hierarchy “issues” sometimes there are rivals for the alpha positions. This new exhibit will really be two areas in one, providing space to separate pack members who may need observation or may be causing trouble. In their current home, separated animals must stay in a relatively small area, with access to the larger open space being rotated.

When the wolves are moved, their old residence will be revamped for one of the smaller canine species (foxes or coyotes)

  • Project: Aviary Reconstruction and Relocation
  • Friends Contribution: $44,000 (total project est. $106,000)
  • Completed: April 2011

The Aviary enclosure, across from the current wolf exhibit, was one of the oldest exhibits in the zoo. This remodel was essential to improve the lives of the zoo birds including the Ravens: Sam, Canyon, and Diego and the Red Tail Hawks: Redford and Sedona. This project was meant to address a multitude of issues, such as: the original roof was very loud (since it was metal and flat and peafowl would land on it regularly) which stressed the zoo birds. The new roof was constructed at an angle that discourages peafowl. The old exhibit had poor drainage and no sun protection. Staff had tried to implement various solutions, but none were ideal or permanent. In the summer afternoons this exhibit is one of the hottest places in the zoo. The new exhibit mitigates this problem, and also provide privacy for the birds who previously didn’t have a way to remove themselves from visitors should they choose.

Lastly, this project was created to improve the habitat while at the same time move the enclosure to improve the accessibility of the area. The remodel of this exhibit addresses an integral part of the zoo's ADA plan.

After many months of planning and approvals groundbreaking took place in mid-November 2010. Rain delays slowed construction through the winter, but the project reached competion in late April 2011.  This project was funded in part through the generosity of the Bosack Kruger Foundation.

  • Project: Canine Pool
  • Friends Contribution: $15,000 (Wendy P. McCaw Foundation Grant)
  • Target Completion: January 2011

Thanks to a generous donation from the Wendy P. McCaw Foundation we have secured funding to construct a water feature and keeper walkway for Phase II of the Wild Canine Exhibit. 

This pool will provide a cool sanctuary in the warm months of summer and a refreshing oasis throughout the year.

  • Project: Food for all the animals
  • Friends Donation: $60,000
  • Target Completion: June 2011
The local economy and fiscal crisis of the past few years have not left the zoo unscathed. Necessary budget cuts by the City of Folsom have resulted in decreased funding, a reduced staff, and program cutbacks / eliminations. The FRIENDS is dedicated to helping mitigate these circumstances and has agreed to support the zoo and the city by supporting the food line item of the Zoo's annual budget for the next year

We cannot allow the increasing pressure of our economy to force such a regional treasure to fall into disarray when there are so many animals that need our help. In the coming year, your support will continue to keep the animals well fed and healthy. Thank you for your support!

  • Project: Zoo Operation Building
  • Friends Donation: $100,000
  • Completed: Fall 2008
In support of a new Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary Operations Center, FFZS contributed $100,000 towards the construction of the new facility. In addition to needed space for zoo staff, the center houses a new kitchen equipped with a large walk-in freezer & refrigerator, and ample space for food preparation & storage.

  • Project: Rabbit & Chicken Exibit
  • Friends Donation: $6,000
  • Completed: Summer 2008

Construction of the tiger expansion area required the resident rabbits and chickens to move. Since that time they have been housed in various areas around the zoo. This new exhibit will be their permanent home and is designed especially for these popular animals. Basalite of Dixon, California has generously donated the beautiful retaining blocks that will separate these two residences.

  • Project: Wild Canine Exibit Phase 1 & 2
  • Friends Donation: $250,000
  • Completed: Summer 2007

Lincoln and Rex, wolf-dog hybrids, were able to move into their new home in June, 2007. These beautiful canines had previously been housed in one of the oldest exhibits at the zoo sanctuary, sharing 750 square feet of space. Their new facility is 4730 square feet of oaks, grass and an efficient, state of the art, night house area. A water feature is being designed and will be added in the near future. (Their old home was upgraded to provide for the smaller raccoons—a significant increase for their living space.)


  • Project: Tiger Exibit Expansion
  • Friends Donation: $140,000
  • Completed: Spring 2007

When Misty and Pouncer first arrived in Folsom, rescued from an incredibly abusive situation, FFZS provided $3,500 to upgrade their space to a tiger-safe home. Though legally adequate for tigers, no one affiliated with the zoo sanctuary was happy to keep such large creatures in this limited space. Friends immediately started fundraising to expand the exhibit and double the room for these amazing felines. The expansion area, opened in January, 2007, provides not only more room, but natural dirt floor, platforms and a tunnel access to both areas. (Friends hopes to one day raise funds to create a much larger area near the Canine Complex that will house the tigers.)

  • Project: Feral Cat Exibit
  • Friends Donation: $25,000
  • Completed: Fall 2006

During his life, Robert Bauder cared for many feral cats at his home. In his estate he provided funds so that his special felines would have a safe place to stay. This gift made it possible to build a small house and refurbish an adjacent enclosure. Donations from Moldings & Millworks and many others helped to complete this project. Ten feral cats and two adoptable kitties arrived in December 2006. The feral cat exhibit will continue to serve the Shelter Selects program of adoptable cats.

  • Project: Barn Owl Exibit
  • Friends Donation: $25,000
  • Completed: Fall 2006

Barn owls get their name because they often roost in barns. What better design for a home for Greyson then, than a barn? One side provides a spacious room for roosting and the other side is a large storage area. Heading up the hill is a fenced in flight area. In November, 2006, Greyson moved into the spacious barn and will be able to stretch his wings in the attached flight area.

Pat Jordan loved the native wildlife of the American River area. Her estate provided funding and her friends helped in choosing this as a project in her honor. The weather vane atop the barn was from Pat’s home. A donation of $1,000 from the Grace Foundation helped as well. Muralists Chuck Curtis and Robert Lindsey added wonderful designs to the structure.

  • Project: Behavioral Enrichment Storage
  • Friends Donation: $6,150
  • Completed: ??

Enrichment is a big part of the care for all residents at the zoo sanctuary. To avoid boredom with life in captivity, all animals receive interesting and unique additions every day. Purchasing such items and providing storage for them is an important part of Friends’ fund raising efforts. General donations were used to purchase and set up a storage unit at the Black Bear Exhibit, dedicated to the late Lee Houts. (Lee was a pioneer in this area of animal care and championed the idea of enrichment for captive animals.) A small cabinet was also constructed at the macaw exhibit and an individual donation provided for a storage shed used for the smaller parrots.