• Project: Barn Owl Exibit
  • Friends Donation: $25,000
  • Completed: Fall 2006

Barn owls get their name because they often roost in barns. What better design for a home for Greyson then, than a barn? One side provides a spacious room for roosting and the other side is a large storage area. Heading up the hill is a fenced in flight area. In November, 2006, Greyson moved into the spacious barn and will be able to stretch his wings in the attached flight area.

Pat Jordan loved the native wildlife of the American River area. Her estate provided funding and her friends helped in choosing this as a project in her honor. The weather vane atop the barn was from Pat’s home. A donation of $1,000 from the Grace Foundation helped as well. Muralists Chuck Curtis and Robert Lindsey added wonderful designs to the structure.